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Caricature illustrations for's monthly electronic publication for the iPad. The article is called "History Mash-Up", taking dates in history within the particular month and combining them for a comedic outcome.

Actor Nathan Lane (born Feb. 3) flies kites (Kite Flying Day is Feb. 8) with activist Susan B. Anthony (born Feb. 15).

Nathan Lane and Susan B. Anthony

Singer Elvis Presley (born Jan. 8) embraces comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus (born Jan. 13) on National Hugging Day (Jan. 21).

Louis-Dreyfus and Elvis Presley

Singer Sinead O’Conner (born Dec. 8) and Actor John Malkovich (born Dec. 9) look in the forest for a possible Christmas tree (Look for an Evergreen Day is Dec. 19). 

Sinead O'Connor and John Malkovich

Actress Jane Fonda (born Dec. 21) and Chef Bobby Flay (born Dec. 10) make a mess with brownie batter (National Brownie Day is Dec. 8) on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31).

Bobby Flay and Jane Fonda
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